Hike 1/52 -Solstice Canyon

“First hike of 2017 and only 51 more to go! This 52 Hike challenge is about to kick my butt back into shape this year and I can not wait!” -A

Solstice Canyon is a part of the Santa Monica Mountain Range in Malibu, California. You can access it very easily from the Pacific Coast Highway onto Corral Canyon Road. There is a large parking lot (always full so beware!) to your left less than a mile up the street.

Solstice Canyon Trail is made for the beginner/ moderate hiker. It is well marked and very family friendly… maybe a little to family friendly for my taste… so many children… to many children. The trail extends about 3.1 miles into the canyon roundtrip. I would categorize it as an easy stroll hike for a sunny day. There is plenty of shade and picnic tables throughout the trail.

Another wonderful perk to this trail is the history behind it. Along your way up into the canyon you will come across burned down house ruins. The first is a hunting cabin called the Keller House, which was built over 100 years ago but destroyed in the 2007 Corral Fires. The second architectural landmark is the Robert’s Ranch House built in 1952 but burned down 30 years later. Paul Revere Williams, a prominent African American architect, was behind the design.

After exploring the ruins, walk a little further back behind the ranch house to find a calming and lightly flowing waterfall. If you make this hike after rainfall you will adore the falls so much more. Kids play in the water and dogs rinse off while everyone re-groups at.

Time to turn around and make the trek back out. -A

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