Day Trip to Malibu

Pack a PB&J, fill up a water bottle, and lace up your sneakers because Malibu can be a nonstop adventure for the active souls out there.

There are many hiking trials all along the Pacific Coast Highway, but I decided to start with a simple hike for beginners to begin the day. Solstice Canyon won my sneaker tracks.

solstice canyon.jpg

The drive up to Solstice Canyon itself is worth the trip. There is nothing like the Historic Pacific Coast Highway. With streams of car campers and beautiful views, the 30-minute drive from Santa Monica will feel like a trip down the street. Now parking is another story. Solstice Canyon National Park has a large parking lot but it’s bound to be full, so prepare for a hike before the hike.

As you enter the trail you are greeted by sounds of birds frolicking, frogs croaking, and the natural stream babbling. This trail is easy to follow and very family friendly. For those of you out there like me who like to hike in peace then this trail may not be one for you. BEWARE: Children are everywhere!

An interesting aspect of this hike is the burnt ruins of old homes that still reside within the area. You will see remnants of the Robert’s Ranch and the Keller house, which burned down in the 2007 wildfires and is believed to be the oldest structure still standing in Malibu.

Behind the Robert’s Ranch you will find a waterfall if you are lucky. Definitely make this hike after a rainfall because the falls are beautiful and strong with a bit of help from Mother Nature.

robert's ranch waterfalls.jpg

After exploring the rocks for a while we hiked back to the car for the next adventure on the list: the Malibu Pier.

Even in the middle of January you will find the beach crawling with surfers and the pier lined with fishers. Don’t forget to stop in the Malibu Beach Supply Co. for some sweet goodies and maybe one of those famous trucker hats.


Next on the list is the Malibu Hindu Temple, which is actually located in Calabasas but only a quick and easy drive into the mountains. Make sure to visit before the sun sets to get a great look at the gold detail surrounding the temple…. And wear socks.

malibu hindu temple.jpg

The last suggestion I have for a day trip to Malibu would be to pull over on the PCH on your way home and watch the sunset. It falls quickly but it’s worth the stop. Your heart will flutter and your body with quiver seeing this breathtaking view.


Head home and rest up… another adventure waits for you in the morning.


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