Hike 2/52 Kicked Ass. . .Seriously!

Want to get your ass kicked today? Try the Culver City stairs which is only part of what the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook trail has to offer. You will regret it about mid-way up but immediately change your mind once you hit the last stair. This 1.3-mile hike climbs about 420 ft in elevation by way of a massive staircase built into the side of a grassy hill in the middle of Culver City, Los Angeles.

These stairs will torture you in every way. The uneven, steep steps will make that lovely tush of yours love/hate you in the morning. A few times a month on this trail and that summer bod will be here in no time—ready for sunny days on Laguna Beach and those rooftop pool d-arties that are a staple in L.A.

Once you finally make it to the top and quit your moaning and groaning, turn around and enjoy the incredible views of the city of Los Angeles. Wander down to the visitor center and check out what type of wildlife you can find in the area. Once you’ve had your fun exploring the top of the hill descend by way of a dirt path that zigzags  down the hill. Once you hit the bottom look back up those stairs… Not so bad huh? -A

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