Hike 3/52 – Runyon Canyon

Spending some time in the city but want an adventure in nature? Check out Runyon Canyon. It is 3 miles of nothing but dogs off leashes, friendly groups hosting gossip sessions, and your typical LA exercise enthusiasts. If you’re really lucky you’ll experience a celebrity sighting… not a doe frolicking in the fields or a wild coyote … a CELEBRITY! I however was not lucky enough and chose not to pay attention to those around me… maybe next time.

Parking can be a pain. West Hollywood isn’t the most friendly to outsiders parking in their neighborhoods. Read signs carefully and attempt at going in the middle of the day where most streets’ parking hours are open and available. If not just prepare for that pre-hike warm-up climb to the trailhead on Vista Street where you will enter large swinging gates to the Runyon Canyon Park.

This moderate hike welcomes all who want to attempt. There are two ways to taking on this hike. The first being the most obviously way up the paved road following the well-marked path all the way around. The other would be taking the trial from the end to the beginning. There is a small gravel path you will pass on your way up about .3 miles to the left if you are looking to experience a more rough and uphill climb rather then a gradual incline.

Either way making it to the top is the same experience for everyone, breathless and in awe of the picturesque view of the City of Angels. At about 1,245 ft or so above ground level you will find the most incredible sightseeing experience. All of LA can be seen from various points on this trial. You will scan the skyline finding the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Park, DTLA, Beverly Hills, and out to the coast. Make sure to hit this one on a clear day. You can not miss out on this view.

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