Talking as Fast as I can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls

Where do I start? When I first heard Lauren Graham was writing a memoir I was over the freakin moon. That news combined with the earlier news that dear sweet baby Netflix was bringing my beloved Gilmore Girls back to the small screen was almost too much for my tiny heart to bear. I ordered it almost immediately upon it being available but of course it took me forever to finally sit down and read it. However, when I did finally sit down with it I devoured all 209 pages in roughly 4.5 hours.

The pace of the whole thing was very Lorelai-esque—fast paced and quippy—and very much how I would envision the tone of my own memoir, should my life ever become interesting enough to warrant one. Here’s hoping.  From skipping kindergarten (smarty pants!), to dropping out of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts (Gasp! I must say, I died a little inside when I read this part), to life at Barnard College and then Southern Methodist University—Her life was fairly reminiscent of most young people trying to figure things out. . .trying to figure themselves out. Although, her journey seemed largely more hilarious than that of the average Josephine. Then of course there was the account of her time as the amazingly inspiring, albeit flawed, Lorelai Gilmore. Circa 2000 and Circa 2016. A highlight of this account would have to be Lauren locking herself in her NYC apartment for three days to watch all seven seasons of the original series and giving her reactions to each.

In between Gilmore Girls shenanigans, there is Parenthood, writing her first book (Someday. Someday, Maybe. Also on my never ending to-read list), and finding love. Her take on love and assuring the reader that you’ll find it at just the right time is one that is so relatable/inspiring and not at all nauseating.


Unfortunately, I have still  never see Parenthood. ( Don’t tell Ash and Jess) It’s certainly on my to-binge list but I can’t lie I am a little no-new-friends about the whole thing. To think that she could in any way top Lorelai is quite frankly absurd but I am here for anything Lauren Graham does so it will happen eventually.

Long story-short. . . This book is an A++. Go buy it. NOW.

Note to my future husband (should you actually exist): The odds of me giving serious consideration to naming my daughter Lorelai are HIGH. I’m talking Colorado here. Sorry, not sorry.



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