The Betches

Just three friends, living at opposite corners of the country, who are obsessed with adventure and each other. Our friendship dates back almost seven years to our daily grind in a local watering hole in Columbia, SC. Two of us were in college and one in high school (sweet baby Ash). I don’t think any of us thought that the friendships we made slingin’ dranks in that place would last us well beyond our college days and into adulthood. Adulthood being a term we use loosely because lets be real. . .we are STILL trying to get our shit together. Keep up as we try to cheat time and never really grow up by hopping time zones and giving license to absurd shenanigans.

See you in L.A. . .

Wait! No, London.

Ooo! Zurich.

Maybe Malta?

How about. . .

We’ll be seeing you.

*** Just a disclaimer: We can some times be mildly inappropriate and a bit crass. . . so please excuse any off color comments and mild profanity. We’re really nice girls. Honest.