I am the one partying hard down in SoCal among the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and its free spirited residents… the city of Angels! After finishing an incredible internship with AC Entertainment (1/3 of the Bonnaroo Music Festival operation) in Knoxville, TN, I decided to pack my car with everything I owned, which wasn’t much at 22 years old, and drive my little booty across the country. Crazy! I know. I had one of those “I am young and have nothing to lose” moments. I planned what I could for two weeks and left everything else up to chance. So far so good, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated. I partied … I mean attended college at the University of South Carolina studying Entertainment Management. Music has become a huge focal point in my life driving me to want to be at the center of where music is made. I met Kim and Jess as a naïve and innocent 16-year-old starting my very first real job in Columbia, SC. The innocent and naïve part changed quickly after accepting that job… in a good way, I think. I grew up in Mt. Pleasant, SC, one of the most beautiful places I have been to in all of my years still. Home is where the heart is; yet my mind and spirit need adventure to function properly pretty much on a constant basis.

Quick Trivia. . .

Ashlyn in 3 words: constantly smiling awkwardly

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be: Last spring I visited Köln, Germany for a night and fell in love… literally I think I met the love of my life after a few shots and a sloppy make-out session in the street. I can’t even begin to describe how homey and warm it felt to be there. From the scenery of open fields and beautiful mountains to the beyond perfectly sculpted people biking through the city, I fell madly in love.

Dream Destination: This one isn’t very fair, because I dream of traveling EVERYWHERE! If I had to answer and only pick one place, I would want to be in a small, whole-in-the-wall authentic Italian restaurant overlooking the water in Manarola, Italy eating pizza and drinking red wine.

Favorite book: Now if we are talking classics: The Great Gatsby… but if we were talking more modern reading I’d have to go with What I was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristen Newman. Who the hell needs a baby when there are sooo may plane tickets to buy?!

Favorite TV show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon… or The Office. I can’t decide on which one makes me laugh harder.

Favorite Movie: The Lion King… Hakuna Matata betches!

Favorite Music Genre: My mind changes daily. I’m more of an indie/ psychedelic fan (Alt- J, Dr. Dog, Tame Impala) on the other hand soul/ melodic soft rock (Leon Bridges, John Mayer, Ben Howard) really bring the “feels”, but classic rock has my heart always … what is music without the Beatles or the Stones.

Favorite Food: Easy one- Pizza and Ice Cream. BOOM! Nailed that answer… now I need to make a trip to the 7/11 for some Ben and Jerrys and pick up a pizza from Papa Johns along the way.

Favorite Quote: “Happy girls are the prettiest” – Audrey Hepburn